Before and After 80s makeup transformation: Miss Madonna

Recently, during a social event at my workplace, I volunteered to assist in the semi-transformation of some of my colleagues who wanted to participate in an 80's themed activity. I was able to take a few photos of before and after and have received permission to post them on my blog here. These are the photos of before and after.

First, we begin with an exotic woman who looks like a cross between Chanel and Cher (both names start with C!) and she can be transformed basically into anything that she likes. Last year I transformed her into a beautiful avatar-ess, (is there such a word?) for an avatar-ey look ! She was a perfect model and adding a wig completed the transformation. This year the theme of this activity was the eighties.. so she asked for a lot of bright bold shades, pinks, yellows and green and came armed with a funky wig that had black strands as well as some silver strands.

Here is a photo of her before the makeup. My beautiful colleague is originally from the North African continent hence her exotic looks! Like a chameleon, she can be transformed into anything she likes or rather she can easily wear any look she likes but sadly in real life, she does not wear makeup, at least not at the office!

and these are the photos of after, note how natural it is for her to pose!

I saw this because sometimes I ask someone to smile for my camera and they are not able to do so without conveying their fear through their eyes. Other times, I ask the woman sitting on my chair to stretch her lips and smile, and I get all kinds of weird lip shapes because they can't freeze the smile for a minute till I work on their lips. With this subject however, let's say that not only does she know how to smile with her lips but also with her eyes, and her entire face is illuminated by the joy she is conveying saying to the world that she is having fun!

When I say close your eyes, people usually don't take their hands and put them under their ears, but for someone who is as creative and a natural as my colleague, it was a different story! let's just say that any photographer would love to work with her!

She did not even receive any instructions to pose, as soon as she saw the camera lens, she was a different person.

In this photo, I think she is holding an imaginary old time Hollywood style cigarette holder. I can't stop admiring her poses. She even ordered these elastic bands from amazon the week before and made a necklace with them, in anticipation for this activity!  She has what I call the "Joie de vivre!"

In this photo, she tele-transported herself to Madonna's time, and became her own madonna.. pretending she is praying! oh and those pink fishnet gloves..