Before and after exotic beauty | office 80s theme party

RECENTLY, I had the great pleasure (and oh so much fun!) doing SOME makeup work at my workplace. During these sessions, one of the lovely volunteers was a young colleague of mine who wanted to take part in this 80s themed project.
My friend seen above without makeup, was happy to sit on my (well not really mine, but the company's) office chair, (and it least it swivelled) while I applied her makeup.

Overall, I must confess I am the one who had so much fun, while she arrived armed with all her courage and not knowing what to expect. The project was simple. In fact super easy.

Often at these annual festive activities, you follow the theme and this one was about the 80s with full looks and costumes. Basically a lot of bold colors! This was a good opportunity for her to experience something a little bit different than her everyday makeup which basically - if I am not mistaken - amounted to applying a lip balm, as she hardly ever wears makeup while at work.

My beautiful young colleague did not have any flaws to cover and conceal and the colors she requested were suitable for the activity but not overly crazy.

We selected a nice olive color green (mac pigment Golden Olive) which was a good choice and on the lips we went for a kind of a barbie pink just so that she fits in the project.. She then added some colorful feathers to her hair after teasing it a bit, and then she was ready to show her face.
I think that next time she passes next to Sephora in a mall, she will want to get in and browse some makeup.