LA MER counter at Nordstrom Dulles North and my purchase

What a difference it makes to have someone knowledgeable assist you at a counter! when was the last time you received quality service from someone who takes pride in what they do, who is passionate and has all the answers to your questions? If you like beauty products, if you are a makeup addict like me, then stop by at this Nordstrom at Dulles Center and check Mrs. Fusun at the LA MER counter while she will provide you a makeup application at no cost! She might even give you a small sample just for letting her try the makeup and skincare on you!


Recently, during a visit to my local Nordstrom store, I wanted to return a product that had not worked well with my skin and I stopped at the prestigious LA MER counter where I met my beautiful saleslady, Mrs. Fusun, who has helped me through my many purchases from her counter. She offered to apply foundation on my face, and proceeded to remove my makeup and apply foundation. At the end of it, I returned my original la mer cream and bought the soft cream which had worked better for my skin but so many people had recommended to me the original so I had bought it. Sadly I found it to be very thick and I am sure it works very well for those who have extremely dry skin. I also tested the fluid la mer that comes in the beautiful white pump bottle!

 I was also able to test the more fluid LA MER moisturizer in liquid format, that comes in a heavy and beautiful white pump bottle, and intend to get it at some point in the future. During this visit, and after returning the LA MER original cream, I bought a set of a few products which included the Soft Moisturizing Cream as well as a 100 ml bottle of the cleansing gel, and also bought a second bottle of foundation as I believe this is the best foundation that I have ever used, even better than my Dior Capture Totale, which has a hefty price tag attached to it.

During the entire process, we chatted, discussed various matters, and which products are good and what they do and how they work on the skin. Mrs. Fusun who has a very pleasant personality and is a very classy lady, was ever so helpful in my choices. This is the kind of service that I had not found with other sales ladies, who want to sell you the product, don't even know the price, and if you ask they have to go to the cash register and scan the product. Others just want to sell something and then they can't even answer a question that is outside of their knowledge of the product. That is one of the reasons why I appreciate Mrs. Fusun even more, each time that I see her. And to say that I had never planned on buying such an expensive product, but once you try one, you can see the difference -- and you come back for more. This is the set that I bought which will allow me to discover and get a feel of the other products, then maybe later I could get them in a larger bottle.

This is the lotion and the concentrate in mini bottles, excellent to carry with you if you are traveling.

This complete set of 4 products could not be located on the Nordstrom website, as I suspect it has sold out. It retailed for $320 plus tax. I also suspect it is worth a little more! But if you cannot find this set, there are always, and especially at this time of the year, several bags full of goodies that will tempt even the most novice user of this skincare with the magic broth!

This is the 100 ml bottle of face cleansing gel!

I love this soft moisturizer cream so much better. The product in the center is a small sample, courtesy of Mrs. Fusun.