What’s in Your Makeup Bag Arsenal | by Ardith McCann

What’s in Your Makeup Bag Arsenal?

Our makeup bags are the repository of things we believe we cannot live without on a daily basis—not unlike what’s locked up in our smartphones.

I not only keep what I need to refresh my makeup in my bag, but tiny backup sizes of things like moisturizer and foundation I may need for an emergency overnight stay or two.
Then there is the random item that has proven its worth by being surprisingly multipurpose. In my makeup bag, this item is my pair of manicure scissors. Once upon a time in my early marketing days, I discovered these puppies were a lifesaver during my many trade show setup and teardown days.

When my go-to box of tools either didn’t arrive in time or were momentarily misplaced, I could always rely on these scissors to open boxes, even act as a mini screwdriver. I felt so McGiver-like with my ingenuity in finding new uses for them. I have also been known to make creative use of my tweezers and metal nail file.

Nowadays, I make sure I always have the following in my makeup bag arsenal to keep me going, regardless of where I am or what I’m doing:
Sample tube of moisturizer
Sample tube or compact version of foundation
Cream concealer set
Tube of under-eye dark shadow eraser/concealer
Cream blush compact
Small powder compact
Eyebrow set
Set of multiple powder eyeshadows
2 eyeshadow brushes
Lipstick or two
Tube of lipgloss (always)
Manicure scissors
Metal nail file/under nail cleaner

This group of items has stood the test of time and travel challenges. What do you carry in your makeup bag? Do you have items that can do double or more duty?