Why Beauty Bloggers and video loggers are indispensable | by Ardith McCann

My Opinion: Why Beauty Bloggers/Vloggers Are Indispensable

I don’t know about you, but these days my head is spinning with the onslaught of beauty and skincare choices. The endless options seem to multiply daily. I just can’t keep up. Plus, how many of us have the resources (not to mention storage space) to try out all of these new products? I know I don’t. And don’t get me started on the topic of the mind-boggling array of makeup techniques.

So What’s a Beauty Fan To Do?

Enter the beauty blogger and/or vlogger.

For over two years I struggled on my own with two challenges: my extra dry skin and foundation for my so-called mature skin. I use the term “mature” loosely, as I don’t think my skin has learned much over the years, hence the challenges it gives me.

A year ago I finally threw caution to the wind and searched on YouTube for “foundation for mature skin.” An older vlog by Amy was the first result. I was hooked. Her lovely voice and accent made listening to what she had to say that much more compelling. Plus, she offered great insights and advice. I have been following Amy ever since. And I now have two fine and affordable foundations I use regularly.

Another beauty expert I follow is Lisa Eldridge. This British beauty stylist works with the likes of Kate Winslet and a number of super models. She is upbeat, obviously loves what she does, and provides excellent makeup tutorials.

I also enjoy the 15 minute beauty blog and the Byrdie YouTube channel.

Which Beauty Bloggers and Vloggers to Follow?

Choosing who to follow for beauty advice is highly personal. For me, once I subscribed to Amy’s two beauty channels I tried out some others, to mixed results. From my research I found there are five things I look for when deciding to subscribe:

- Type of information/advice offered and background of the blogger/vlogger (Amy’s career and proven expertise in beauty and makeup for example)

- Blogger/Vlogger’s presentation skills and personality (authenticity, honesty, and friendliness are high on my list)

- Products used and reviewed (looking to match up what is offered to what I need or am interested in)
Amount of advertising and sponsorships (e.g. is it reasonable to me)

- General profile of followers (as you probably do, I find followers’ comments as valuable as the blogger/vlogger they follow. Amy has awesome followers.)

Another thing I have learned to appreciate is the beauty blogger/vlogger’s own evolution. Some years they may buy or be gifted with tons of products to test and review. Other years, like Amy will be doing this year, they may pull back from trying new products and focus on other beauty related topics. It’s all good.

So, these are my thoughts on why I find beauty bloggers and vloggers indispensable. I no longer feel overwhelmed by the volume of new products and makeup techniques, I feel empowered. I also enjoy being part of these unique online communities.

What about you? How did you enter the online world of beauty and what is important to you? Amy and I would love to know.

Thank you, Amy, for inviting me to guest post on your blog. I also want to thank your wonderful, enthusiastic followers.