Video: Hot sexy lashes? demo + review

What are eyelashes: Those fine hairs that grow at the eyelid perform several functions, even though they are often regarded as an emphasis of beauty, particularly for women. However, their primary function is to protect the eyes from small particles such as dust, sand or debris from entering and harming the eye.

Can lashes make you look more beautiful, worse? what products are helpful in achieving your goal?

In this video, I will be reviewing and testing a brand new product from Cherry Blooms, located in Brisbane Australia.

The fibers coat your lashes which are first primed, then re-primed to seal the fibers.. these are the results and you can find this product here

Let me have your impressions of this product :0)

Love to draw your eyebrows with stencils? these are by cherry blooms these are by anasatasia


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An affordable eyelash curler

A fibre mascara by another company

Maybelline concealer

Drugstore gloss: Very beautiful but comes with a light scent

One of my favorite drugstore foundations

Maybelline fit me foundation stick like tom Ford's $80 stick

Drugstore: My everyday go to powder to use once a day

why pay $22 when you get this eyeliner for $6

going to check this one by Revlon

The cutest notebook comes in red and blue also

The new Vichy micellar water is so good

Great cleanser and makeup remover

Nice! Velvet loose powder:

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