BEFORE AFTER | Lesson 2: Add a little bit of color somehwere

Today, I am going to share a makeup tip that you may want to hear.

Often we tend to be conservative, and we stick with the great colors that have a lot of beige or brown in them. Today as I was doing this makeup we started with a color on the lips that was a little bit more unprofessional site. But as I stepped back to look at the work that was completed, I looked and I said to myself that this young and beautiful face can afford the little bit more color; and it was precisely on the lips but I decided to add a little bit more color and turn the pink beige lipstick into a fuchsia color.. Not to mention that her eye color is a beautiful green which I don't see so often these days.

As soon as I applied the fuschia color color, it gave life to her face where the entire makeup was done in a very traditional, simple but beautiful way.

This taught me that it's okay to start with neutral color but it is ok to experiment and try a bold color, even if it is a wedding makeup look we are creating.
Makeup can change the way you look. It has the power to make you look your very best,  but it also can make you look older or uglier. Choose your colors carefully.

If you use often neutral colors, on all over the face, maybe if you add a dash of color somewhere, you will uplift the entire look. In this case her eyeshadow is neutral -- even though I incorporated a little bit of lavender which compliments her eye color -- I wanted to add that pop of color to give her a modern look. I couldn't have been happier with the result.

A few strokes of the right colors in the right places is always very important to create a beautiful and elegant makeup.