Finess is back from the 80's and will restore strentgh to your hair!

Let's talk about hair care and start with shampoos and conditioners! Finesse is a quality shampoo back from the 80s ! It is reborn and holding true to its promise to wash and condition your hair without stripping it!

As I am always on the lookout for a good shampoo, I tend to gravitate around big names but I also like to try from time to time other shampoos from my supermarket shelves. Here is one of them that actually performs nicely! It is called Finesse and was used in the 80's. Often what I look at is highly priced and I am tired of paying high prices for products that don't perform any differently than the affordable brands that you find on your supermarket shelves. So after trying Bumble & Bumble Shampoos and Conditioners, Fekkai and other 'quality' products such as Redken, Joico, it's a ten, etc, I tried this new old brand called Finesse Moisturizing Shampoo and conditioner.

I washed my hair a few times with this Moisturizing Shampoo which is supposed to add softness and manageability to your hair, and actually I was pleased by the smoothness of the shampoo, which seemed to be lighter and not heavy and thick like some other shampoos. The conditioner also worked very nicely on conditioning my hair and detangling it.

I took some photos to show you this new fun product that is so affordable! Not to mention the scent is clean and fresh. It does not foam overly and yet it is not a cream type of shampoo. There are some shampoos out there that do not foam at all when you wash your hair and somehow I like it to foam.

To me if the shampoo does not foam, I don't feel like it is cleaning my hair.. maybe that is how I have been conditioned to believe. This shampoo foams nicely and it is a pleasure to use.

Back of the conditioner bottle. These are made in USA.

Back of the bottle of shampoo, also proudly made in USA.

I wanted to show you how the shampoo looked, so I poured a little bit in this plate and the photo was taken immediately after pouring it. You can see the consistency, it did not spread like water, not is it thick and not moving. It has a medium consistency or fluidity.

After pouring some shampoo into this plate, I topped it with some conditioner, and as you can see by the much whiter color of the conditioner, it stood on top of the shampoo, showing you that it is thicker and has more viscosity.

But what I like the most and this is something you may or may not notice, is that you can put the bottles in any direction they will both stand up straight unlike some bottles that can only stand on one end and not the other due to the shape of the cap which may not be flat. This is a good shampoo I will not hesitate to take with me to the gym!

Each bottle can be found at Walgreens and retails for $4.50! Not bad huh?

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