BEFORE AFTER: Lesson 1: Find out your best features

What are your best features?

Welcome back to the before and after photos of makeup looks I create! I hope you will enjoy this series and feel like you want to experiment with makeup!

For a while I stopped doing that, mainly because it was taking too much of my time, which when added with other activities that I undertake and complete, was far too time consuming !
Here is a beautiful young lady who I had the privilege of doing her makeup, and I want to show you with these photos that you too can enhance your natural beauty. There is not too much makeup or too much color on this face, there is just the right amount in the right places.
The before photo shows a happy face, with beautiful eyes and skin..
But let's take a minute and take a closer look! What do we see? This is a young lady who has a beautiful skin happy face and great features overall. But I see more than that things that I will not mention here for respect lonely lady but I will just let look at this picture and find out yourself what are the things that you can do twin the features of this face.

When it comes to you here are some tips but I want to suggest to you.

First thing you need to discover about your face is to ask yourself: what are my best features? Look in the mirror. Look and study your face. Pretend you are someone else who is seeing this face for the first time. What are the features that are popping up first thing as soon as you look at this face? Your face.

Okay! So now that you know what your best features and in the meantime also discover what are features that need help. What's you have the answer to these two questions, the best of the muscle best features, you Decide what are the best drinks that you can do to announce your features. Makeup is A BIT ABOUT ILLUSION. Yes, I said illusion. Delusions because we are taking the other person to believe that these are our features. What doing it in fact is creating the illusion that our eyes are more open, that our cheeks are more pink, and our lips are more red.

In this case, I have embelished this with a few strokes but not just any strokes. You have to know exactly where to put some color and how much color to use. While it is great to be creative, you don't want to look like a clown.